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The writer is delegated to declare and to celebrate man’s proven capacity for greatness of heart and spirit—for gallantry in defeat, for courage, compassion and love. In the endless war against weakness and despair, these are the bright rally flags of hope and of emulation.

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Illustration of John Steinbeck.


Illustration of John Steinbeck.

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Boileau said that Kings, Gods and Heroes only were fit subjects for literature. The writer can only write about what he admires. Present-day kings aren’t very inspiring, the gods are on a vacation and about the only heroes left are the scientists and the poor …

Radio interview (1939) quoted in Introduction by Robert DeMott to a 1992 edition of The Grapes of Wrath (via wikiquote).

My whole work drive has been aimed at making people understand each other…

John Steinbeck, as quoted in Conversations with John Steinbeck (via sexywatersigns)

Believe me, I have nothing against fairy tales. God knows I’ve written enough of them. My point is that no fairy tale is acceptable unless it is based on some truth about something. You can make it as light and airy and full of whimsy as you wish but down underneath there has to be a true thing.

John Steinbeck in a letter to Elizabeth Otis (via johnsteinbeck-)

What some people find in religion a writer may find in his craft or whatever it is—absorption of the small and frightened and lonely into the whole and complete, a kind of breaking through to glory.

John Steinbeck, “Rationale

I can’t think of anything else necessary to a writer except a story and the will and the ability to tell it.

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Preliminary inks for my John Steinbeck illustration. One more layer of inks coming for shadows and accents. 


Preliminary inks for my John Steinbeck illustration. One more layer of inks coming for shadows and accents. 

If this is a time of confusion, then that should be the subject of a good writer if he is to set down his time.

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A writer out of loneliness is trying to communicate like a distant star sending signals. He isn’t telling or teaching or ordering. Rather he seeks to establish a relationship of meaning, of feeling, of observing. We are lonesome animals. We spend all life trying to be less lonesome.

John Steinbeck from an article in The Paris Review (via einla)

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